You’d like to serve KISSA creations in your café or bar, put it up for sale in your store or use it as an ingredient in your culinary establishment? Then you’ve come to the right place! KISSA has made it their business to offer the most carefully selected teas in beautiful, elegant packaging. Simply our organic tea will be delivered in cans instead. KISSA combines taste, design and effectiveness and enhances the tea experience to a whole new level of pleasure.

The spirit of KISSA is inspired by Japan, the land of matcha and green tea. When it comes to tea, the traditional japanese ways are one of the quint essences of exclusive taste and quality. To us, Japan is the home to the most elegant and aesthetically pleasing tea cultures of the world. “KISSA” means “to drink tea” in Japanese.

The tea leaf growers of KISSA tea are no ordinary tea growers. They’re the grandmasters of tea. We know all of our tea growers personally, we know every field they grow tea on, every tea manufactory.

Choose between different varietes of japanese, stone ground organic matcha creations, tea powders, green tea or tea latte mixes. You’d like to list and use KISSA tea for your business? You’re just one step away: Register now for our B2B shop.